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School of Economics and Management holds the mobilization Meeting of 2021 National Project Application

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On November 5, 2020, the School of Economics and Management held the 2021 National Project Application mobilization Meeting in the Meeting room 405, Building 3, Liberal Arts, University Town Campus. The mobilization meeting was chaired by Vice President Dong Zhiqiang and attended by more than 40 young and middle-aged teachers.



Meeting the first stage, zhi-qiang dong, a professor at colleges and universities in the province are introduced in 2020, national social science fund and the declaration of national natural science fund and the project situation, certainly induction of young talents in the recent achievements in scientific research project declaration, analyzes the school of economy and the tube in the social sciences and the national problems and insufficiency in the division of filing work, encourage the young and middle-aged teachers especially young talent teacher actively declare, careful preparation, communication, increase the number of declaration, improve the quality of reporting.



Meeting the second phase, by Lu Yun, bo sun, Du Minzhe, Han Weibin four year project was approved by the national natural science fund of young teachers to share their experiences and lessons in the grant application process, teachers from the selected topic, written declaration, format specification, matters needing attention introduced their experiences, to this year plans to declare the 2021 national subject teacher a lot of inspiration.



At last, Professor Dong Zhiqiang made a summary speech, fully affirming the experience of the four teachers and placing higher expectations on the college's national project application in 2021.



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