International Economics and Trade

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Training Targets


Train the students to have the basic theory of international economy and international trade, basic knowledge and the analysis ability and the basic operation ability which is needed to engage in business activities,train the senior specialized personals for the foreign economic and trade department, Chinese and foreign Multi-National Corporationwho can engage in practical business, management, research, project planning and foreign contact, market development and other aspects of the works.


Main Courses

Chinese, Chinese business Culture, Higher Mathematics, Principles of Management, Economics(Micro&Macro), International Finance, Statistics, Finance, Management of Multi-National Corporation, financial Management, International Marketing, Accounting Principles, International Trade in Service, International Business, Human Resource Management, Foreign Trade Correspondence, International Trade Practice, Enterprise Strategy Management, etc.


Degree Conferred:  

Bachelor of Economics


Length of Program:  

Normally 4 years 



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