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The MBA program of South China Normal University is based in Guangdong and radiates to South China. Combined with the needs of the social and economic development of the Pearl River Delta and the development of future emerging industries, it has formed an MBA training system featuring human resource management, innovation and entrepreneurship management, organization and strategic management. Business elites and senior management talents with international vision, local experience and social responsibility. After years of development, the overall brand value and popularity of MBA education in South China Normal University has been continuously improved, and it has been unanimously recognized and praised by the society, enterprises and students.

teaching objectives

The MBA education of South China Normal University adheres to the development concept of “Looking at the future, learning from others, gathering elites, and knowing what to do”. Based on the solid economic management discipline foundation, it cultivates international vision and localization ability, and is full of innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. A manager or entrepreneur of a company or non-profit organization that knows the company.

Teaching characteristics

1.Combination of internationalization and localization

The combination of international first-class MBA textbooks and localization cases; the combination of international teachers and domestic teachers; the combination of internationally advanced MBA talent training models and national MBA talent training models; international students and domestic students Groups to improve students' global vision and local management capabilities.

2. Innovation and entrepreneurship

Focus on the cultivation of students' innovation and entrepreneurial ability, and set up special courses to train students' innovation and entrepreneurial ability.

3."hard skills" combined with "soft skills"

Strengthen the cultivation of “hard skills” such as basic theoretical knowledge, analytical problems, and problem solving for students; pay attention to the cultivation of “soft skills” such as interpersonal skills, teamwork spirit, and social responsibility.

4.Featured professional direction

Combining domestic and international social and economic development trends and industrial development trends, as well as our university's dominant disciplines and research expertise, set up human resources development and management, organization and strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship management, corporate finance and capital operations, corporate governance, etc. Featured MBA professional direction.

5. Implementing the "Double Tutor System"

The school is equipped with professional tutors; at the same time, it hires outstanding entrepreneurs from the society as an MBA part-time tutor.

6.Learning for life

Our school will offer elective courses and forums free of charge to graduate alumni for life. Graduate alumni can apply for various activities and courses according to their own development needs.

Education and degree award

Within the stipulated years, after completing the required courses and completing the credits, completing the master's thesis writing and passing the defense, after the examination and approval of the school's degree committee, the nationally-developed MBA graduate diploma and degree certificate will be issued.

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