Master of Business Administration

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Training Targets

South China Normal University MBA education adhering to the "look to the future, eclecticism, wide poly elite, unity of knowledge" development philosophy, relying on solid economic management discipline foundation, training with international vision and local ability, innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility, and behavior of business or non-profit organization managers or entrepreneurs.

Learning Type 

1. Part-time MBA: three years, may be extended to five years, classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. International exchange: arrange short-term investigation, study or internship abroad for two weeks to half a year at your own expense.

3. Language of instruction: Mainly Chinese (Putonghua), supplemented by English. Part of the course is taught entirely in English.

Education and Degree Awarding

Within the prescribed number of years, students shall complete the prescribed courses and obtain credits, complete the writing of master's degree thesis and pass the defense, and after the examination and approval of the university's degree Committee, they shall be awarded the graduate certificate and degree certificate of the master of Business Administration graduate student formulated by the state.

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