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Gather ideas and efforts to build consensus -- the key laboratory of economic behavior science held a special seminar on development

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In order to correctly grasp the direction of academic research, better promote the scientific research work of the laboratory, further enhance the development momentum of the laboratory and improve the scientific research results, the Key Laboratory of Economic Behavior Science held a special seminar on development in the morning of September 2, with all the teachers of the laboratory participating, and specially invited Zhang Yanren, associate professor of Fudan University, to participate in the conference online. The meeting studied the spirit of the Ministry of Education's Several Opinions on Strengthening Organized Scientific Research in Colleges and Universities to Promote High-level Self-reliance and Self-improvement, and discussed in depth how the laboratory should strengthen organized scientific research on the basis of free exploration and research, and carry out research in close combination with the major practical issues facing the country's economic and social development, so as to better serve the national strategic needs.


Professor Dong Zhiqiang, the director of the laboratory, stressed that in scientific research and paper publishing, we should grasp the correct political direction and ideology, actively disseminate positive energy, and consciously combine individual academic interests with national strategic needs; It also combs the development trends and future development trends of the research fields of economics and management related to the key laboratory of economic behavior science. All the participants brainstormed on the main areas of concern of the laboratory in the future, the main direction of scientific research, and the way of research organization, so as to brainstorm and contribute to the development of the laboratory.


In the summary speech, Mr. Dong encouraged everyone to keep their composure in the changing situation, not to drift with the current, to do their work unswervingly, and to promote the high-quality development of the laboratory with high-level scientific research achievements. During the three-hour discussion, the teachers actively discussed and spoke freely, which gathered the development consensus and achieved good results.

Writer | Xiong Guanxing

First trial | Cai Shenggang

Reexamination | Deng Shutian

Final judgment | Dong Zhiqiang

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