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Our school MPAcc and Zhongshan Audit Bureau successfully held the signing and listing ceremony of "Practice Teaching Base"

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On the morning of December 31, 2021, the MPAcc of the School of Economics and Management of South China Normal University and the "Practice Teaching Base" of Zhongshan Audit Bureau were officially listed. Liang Guangfan, deputy director of Zhongshan Audit Bureau, Liu Shanmin, associate professor of the MPAcc Steering Group of the School of Economics and Management of South China Normal University, Nie Xinjun, associate professor of the MPAcc Steering Group, and relevant leaders and key personnel attended the signing and listing ceremony.


In this cooperation, the two sides have always adhered to the principle of "people-oriented, scientific development, exploration and innovation", adhering to the principle of strategic needs, cultivating talents and improving professional skills, and jointly established a "practical teaching base". On behalf of the two sides, Professor Liu Shanmin, the leader of the MPAcc Steering Group, and Liang Guangfan, the deputy director of the Zhongshan Audit Bureau, signed a cooperation agreement to establish a comprehensive, long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship, give full play to the scientific research advantages of both sides, share resources, and strengthen the alliance.


At the ceremony, associate professor Liu Shanmin introduced the overall training of MPAcc in our college, and associate professor Nie Xinjun proposed specific plans and arrangements for cooperation. The college said that it attaches great importance to talent training, actively builds a bridge combining theory and practice, and creates a talent training system with in-depth integration of production, learning and research. Subsequently, Deputy Director Liang Guangfan introduced the current project focus and talent needs of the Audit Bureau, and hoped to strengthen cooperation with the School of Economics and Management, provide strong support for training innovative talents through high-level research and development projects and superior scientific research conditions, achieve a virtuous circle of development, promote the effective conversion of scientific audit projects, and provide a high-quality platform for college students to practice and obtain employment.


The official listing of the "Practice Teaching Base" has become a new starting point for the cooperation between MPAcc and the Zhongshan Audit Bureau, promoting the scientific research achievements of both sides to a new level, and laying a solid foundation for continuing in-depth cooperation and academic exchanges in the future, creating new momentum and cultivating new forces. The base provided 10 students with internships for the 2021 MPAcc of our college, mainly engaged in the analysis of big data audit.


(Writer and reviewer: Liu Shanmin)

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